RTI Act, 2005, related matters




Queries on information regarding interventions or decisions of the Directorate may be addressed to the State Public Information Officer. The application may be submitted on plain paper as per the model application format to request information under RTI Act, 2005.

RTI requests received and disposed by this Directorate of Higher Education, Assam
Year No of Requests Pending at and last year No. of Requests Received during the year. Total No. of Requests. No. of Requests Disposed No. of Requests rejected No. of Requests deemed to be refused 2(2) % of Cases Access to Information Denied
Upto 2007 Nil 96 96 96 Nil Nil Nil
Year 2008        
Year 2009           
Year 2010           
Year 2011           
Year upto March, 2012           

Importent RTI letter/order circulated by this Directorate