Provision of pension to college employees: A revolutionary step

For implementation of Pension Scheme to the employees of Non-Govt. Colleges of Assam, the Govt. of Assam was pleased to pass "The Assam Non-Govt. (Deficit) College Central Pension and Provident Fund Act, 1997". The Govt. vide Notification No. B(3) H.322/99/71, dated 19-12-2001 constituted the Board of Management for control, maintenance and operation of Pension Fund. After several discussions, the Board suggested some amendments of the Act, 1997.

As a first step for implementation of the Pension Scheme, all colleges were asked to obtain option from all its employees and to send the same to D.H.E. Assam. As most of the college employees knew little about the Pension Schemes and as they were not provided with or supplied with any rules regarding Pension, they faced a lot of problems to exercise option for the proposed pension scheme. The matter was even discussed with the representatives of L.I.C. and the Reserve Bank of India at different times.

In the meeting held on 12-06-2003, the Pension Board Constituted a sub-committee to study the problem and explore feasibility of avenues in consultation with the Bank and other Financial Institutions with the following members:

  1. D.H.E. Assam
  2. The Joint Secretary, Finance Department
  3. Dr. D. Pathak, Principal, Pragjyotish College and
  4. One expert

The "Assam Non-Govt. (Deficit) College Central Pension and Provident Fund (Management of Employees Share in CPF) Rules, 2002" was taken-up for consideration of the Govt. In the meantime, the Principals and Teachers nominee of the Board has pointed out that section 3, 4 & 16 contained some loopholes in the aforesaid sections of the Rules and accordingly amendment process had started.

The Govt. vide O.M. No. B(2)H.12/2003/88 dated 17-5-2004 decided that henceforth the total fund accumulated in the CPF may be invested in other saving institutions of the National Savings organisations like National Saving Certificate (NSC), Indira Vikash Patra which are operated by the post offices with a view to receiving more interest money by the college employees.

Govt. was also pleased to constitute a sub-committees with the following members to examine the feasibility of implementation of the scheme vide Govt. Notification No. B(2) H.12/2003/Pt.I dated 19-12-2004:

  1. The Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of Assam - Chairman.
  2. The President, Assam College Teachers' Association - Member
  3. The Director of Higher Education, Assam - Convenor.

As "The Assam Non-Govt. (Deficit) College Central Pension and Provident Fund Act, 1997" could not be executed & hence was repealed and of late, "The Assam College Employees (Provincialisation) Act, 2005" was passed by the Assam Legislative Assembly which was duly Notified vide Govt. Notification No. LGL.112/2005/158 dated 22-12-2005. Accordingly Govt. was pleased to create 10274 posts of teaching and Non-teaching staff vide Govt. Letter No. AHE.98/2006/59 dated 10-1-2007. The Govt. further, regularised the overstay period of retired/expired employees of Grants-in-aid colleges (now Provincialised) after enactment of the Assam College Employees (Provincialisation) Act, 2005 vide Govt. O.M. No. AHE.312/2005/Pt.I/125 dated 06-08-2007. Govt. was further pleased to order that the retired/expired employees would not be required to refund any amount drawn during their overstay period vide Govt. O.M. No. AHE.312/2005/Pt.I/126 dated 28-8-2007 in relaxation of Rule 165 of the Assam Service (Pension) Rules, 1969.

A total of 333 PPOs had been presented ceremonially by the Hon'ble C.M. in presence of the Hon'ble Minister Education and Accountant General, Assam at Pragjyoti ITA cultural complex, Machhkhowa, Guwahati on 17th Sept, 2007.

Lists of pension cases forwarded to Accountant General, Assam