Mandate of Higher Education

The Directorate of Higher Education caters to the Universities, Government Colleges, Non-Govt. (Provincialised) colleges, Ad-hoc Colleges, Affiliated Colleges, Ad-hoc Law Colleges, Asom Publication Board, ABILAC, Literary & Voluntary Organisations, Sanskrit and Pali Prakrit Tols, Asom Sanskrit Board, State Selection Board, Asom etc. The Directorate is controlling the Non-Plan and Plan Budget, releasing salaries to the staff of the above mentioned Institutions, and takes decisive steps in appointment, administration etc. The Directorate is administered as per Acts & Rules of the Government notified from time to time.

Schemes implemented by the Department
1 001 - Direction and Administration Maintenance of Staff and building of the Directorate. There are 71 numbers of officers employees in one office Building for the Directorate.
2 102 - Assistance to Universities Release of funds to the Universities.
3 103 - Govt. Colleges & Institutions Creation of posts, appointment of staff, payment of salaries, maintenance of building and other developmental works of the Govt. College.
4 104 - Assistance to Non-Govt. Colleges
(Now Provincialised)
Creation of posts, payment of salaries (now Provincialised) and other development works.
5 105 - Faculty Development Development of faculty in Cotton College.
6 106 - Publication Board, Asom For giving Annual grants for Publication of books, Payment of salaries etc.
7 107 - Scholarships Award of Scholarships to the Students.
8 112 - Institute of Higher Learning Payment of grants-in-aid to ad-hoc Law Colleges.
9 796 - Tribal Sub-Plan Payment of salaries to the staff of Non-Govt. (Provincialised) Colleges, Grants to Bodo Sahitya Sabha, Rabha Sahitya Sabha, Missing Agom Kebang etc.
10 798 - Schedule Caste Component Plan Sanction of non-recurring building grants, Girls' Common Room grants and Financial Assistance to Poor but Meritorious Students of S.C. Community
11 800 - Other Expenditure For giving Annual grants to Literary and Voluntary Organisations like, Asom Sahitya Sabha, Asom Science Society, Advance Study in Science and Technology, Sodou Asom Lekhika Samoroh, Academy of Mathematics, Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, SLET Commission, Tai Sahitya Sabha, Central Tai Academy etc.
12 05 - Language Development Grants to ABILAC, payment of salaries to K.K. Handique Govt. Sanskrit College, Sanskrit Tols and Pali Prakrits Tols, Asom Sanskrit Board, Girish Vidyapith etc. The Schemes are implemented by the Head of the Institutions concerned as mentioned above.

The Higher Education Department Consists of Universities, Colleges, Voluntary and Literary Organisations and Sanskrit Education. The number of institution under the Administrative control for Higher Education General Areas at present are as follows:

Sl. No. Institutions Strength
1. Universities 3
2. Govt. Colleges 6
3. No. – Govt. (Provincialised) Colleges 188
4. Adhoc Colleges 27
5. Affiliated Colleges 117
6. Adhoc Law Colleges 7
7. Provincialised Sanskrit & Pali Tols 78
8. Adhoc Sanskrit Tols 16
9. Literary & Voluntary Organisations 12
Total  454

Total number of employees serving under the Administrative control of Higher Education Sector comes to 14,535 only. The enrolment from Higher Secondary to post Graduate level are as follows:

Sl. No. Institutions Strength
1. H.S. (Arts) 256958
2. H.S. (Science) 27074
3. H.S. (Commerce) 17965
4. Degree (Arts) 133919
5. Degree (Science) 30346
6. Degree (Commerce) 16051
7. Master Degree in Arts 7442
8. Master Degree in Science 3944
9. Master Degree in Commerce 1077
10. Ph.D. 744
11. M.Phil. 756
12. L.L.B. 7140
Total  5,03,416