History and Development of Higher Education in Assam - 3

The present post of Director of Higher Education (DHE) was created in 1989 when a number of Directorates branched off in the seventies and eighties of the last century, such as Directorate of Technical Education, Directorate of Elementary Education, Directorate of Adult Education, Directorate of Secondary Education, Directorate of SCERT etc. The scope of work, accordingly, got sliced out of the total sum, and Directorate was left with the education of colleges and universities. The Sanskrit Board that had shifted from Sylhet to Guwahati after independence also joined the Directorate as a separate entity. The State Selection Board was added to it for upgrading the quality in teacher selection process. Educationists who have served as Director of Higher Education so far are:

Directors of Higher Education, Assam
Sl. Photograph Name From To
1) Dr. Sailaja Nanda Bharali Dr. Sailaja Nanda Bharali (as DPI) 01-12-1985 28-02-1989
2) Dr. Ramesh Ch. Das Dr. Ramesh Ch. Das 01-03-1989 30-09-1991
3) Shri Harekrishna Gayan Shri Harekrishna Gayan 01-10-1991 28-02-1994
4) Shri Rudreswar Sonowal Shri Rudreswar Sonowal 01-03-1994 31-12-1994
5) Prof. Taburam Taid Prof. Taburam Taid 01-01-1995 03-11-1996
6) Dr. G.N. Talukdar Dr. G.N. Talukdar 04-11-1996 19-03-1997
7) Sri Dilip Chowdhury Sri Dilip Chowdhury 20-03-1997 09-08-1998
8) Shri A.C. Pegu Shri A.C. Pegu 10-08-1998 14-03-1999
9) Dr. G.N. Talukdar Dr. G.N. Talukdar 15-03-1999 31-01-2001
10) Dr. Hiri Kumar Sahoo Dr. Hiri Kumar Sahoo 01-02-2001 14-08-2008
11) Sri Delwar Hussain, AES 14-08-2008 31-01-2010

Sri Dhan Dev Mahanta 01-02-2010 02-03-2010

Dr. Binay Kumar Nath, AES 02-03-2010 04-10-2010
14) Sri Phanindra Jidung, M.A.,M.Phil,LL.B.,AES 04-10-2010 21-10-2016


15)   Sri Babulal Sarma, ACS 21-10-2016 Till date

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