“Teachers should be able to relate to young minds, in every way, be young in spirit, enthusiastic and cheerful, since they are to educate the leaders of the future. Their words, their action and their own leaves should provide living examples to young students”

Development of Higher Education during different Plan periods since 1951

First Five Year Plan (1951-56)

In 1951-52 the policy for planned development was adopted for the first time in the country.

Out of the total state allocation of Rs.101.15 lakhs for the First Five Year Plan and amount of Rs.43 Lakhs was allocated for University Education. However, the actual expenditure was Rs.62 lakhs during the period.

During this plan period main emphasis was on construction and also reorientation of the education system.

The construction of Gauhati University building was taken up during the period and an amount of Rs.43 lakhs was allocated for the purpose.

Second Five Year Plan (1956-61)

In the Second Five Year Plan period the total state plan allocation for General Education was Rs.608.09 Lakhs. Out of this Rs.66.50 Lakhs was for University Education and the expenditure was Rs.54.90 Lakhs. In the second plan improvement rather than expansion was the guiding factor in the field of Higher Education.

The construction of the building of the Gauhati University undertaken during the first plan period was completed. To maintain the Higher Secondary and Multipurpose Schools with qualified teaching staff, schemes like deputation for Post-Graduate course were taken up.

For the first time Govt. approved the regular scale of pay to the teachers of non-Govt. Colleges.

A Govt. Post-Graduate Training College for training of Secondary teachers was established at Jorhat.

Third Five Year Plan (1961-66)

In the third Five Year Plan total allocation was fixed at Rs.85 Lakhs for University Education and the expenditure was Rs.104.80 Lakhs. In this Plan emphasis was laid on teaching of Science in the post graduate level.

The highlights of the third plan were establishment of Board of Secondary Education, State Institute of Education, Dibrugarh University, removal of disparity of pay and allowances of Aided Institutions with that of Govt. Institutions etc. In other words teachers got covered by equal benefits of pay and D.A. at Govt. rate. Sanskrit Education was also reorganized in the state. This scheme envisaged the establishment of 50 reorganized Tols and establishment of a Sanskrit College. The scheme was implemented in a phased manner and 18 tols were covered during the third plan period.

Adhoc Annual Plan (1967-69)

During the three adhoc plan periods the tempo of National development that was inherited from the third plan was maintained. The allocation for general Education including cultural Programmes was Rs. 463.63 Lakhs and the expenditure was Rs. 444.68 Lakhs.

For University Education the provision was Rs. 156.22 lakhs and expenditure was Rs.138.96 lakhs. During the period under review construction of building of Science College at Jorhat was taken up.

Fourth Five Year Plan (1969-74)

The fourth Plan allocation was fixed at Rs.1,575 Lakhs for general Education including cultural programmes. The expenditure was Rs.1559.46 Lakhs.

For University Education Fourth Plan allocation was Rs.470.29 Lakhs but the expenditure was only Rs.405.02 Lakhs.

In the fourth Plan the emphasis was shifted from rapid expansion to consolidation and qualitative improvement. Considering the low percentage of trained teachers in the secondary stage, necessary provision has been made for expansion and strengthening of existing B.T. Colleges and establishment of new B.T. Colleges during the Plan period. The main highlights of development during the 4th Plan period are the introduction of the new schooling pattern with effect from 1973 in the light of the recommendation of the Kothari Commission. Subsequently, keeping in line with the introduction of above schooling pattern in the secondary schools the University authority has taken a decision to convert the one year Pre-University into a two year class.

In 1969-70, 9 (Nine) new colleges and one science section of one existing college have been brought under deficit system of Grant-in-Aid. During 1969-70 Post graduate classes in Physics was opened in Cotton College and a Govt. Science college was established at Jorhat during 1971. A Govt. Sanskrit College has been established at Guwahati during 1970.

Fifth Five Year Plan (1974-79) and Annual Plan (1979-80)

The Fifth plan and the annual plan 1979-80, an amount of Rs. 369.18 Lakhs was spent for University and Collegiate Education.

In the field of Collegiate Education, 61 colleges have been brought under deficit system of grant-in-aid and 45 non-Govt. colleges under adhoc recurring system of Grant-in-Aid.

During the plan period, 250 additional posts of lecturers were created for non-Govt. colleges. A Govt. Law College was established during 1975-76. Post Graduate Classes were opened in selected subjects.

The Govt. provided assistance to setup the ‘Guru-Nanak Chair’ and to start pre-examination course in Guwahati University.

Grant was sanctioned to Assam Science Society during 1979-80 for setting up “Institute of Advance Studies”. During this period 27 Madrassas and 4 Sanskrit Tols were brought under full system of grant-in-aid.

Sixth Five Year Plan (1980-85)

The plan 6th plan outlay for various sub-sectors under General Education in respect of programmes under the erstwhile Directorate of Public Instruction was Rs.2,199 Lakhs of which Rs. 901.57 Lakhs was for Higher Education. The expenditure in respect of Higher Education during the 6th Plan was Rs. 829.30 Lakhs.

An amount of Rs.154.99 lakhs was given to the Guwahati University and Dibrugarh University for expansion, development of academic departments, promotion of research and revision of syllabi and curriculum, matching share of U.G.C. grants etc. The remaining amount was utilized for giving recurring and non-recurring grants-in-aid to colleges, taking over of adhoc colleges under deficit system of grants-in-aid etc. and giving adhoc grants to new colleges. For the schemes- Madrassa Education, Sanskrit Education, Assam Publication Board. Rastrabhasa Prachar Samity, Science Society and Institution of Advance Studies etc. and 450 additional post of lecturers have been sanctioned to the deficit colleges. Facilities for opening of P.G. Classes in Cotton College in selected subjects (English, Assamese, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Botany, Zoology) has also been provided to meet the requirement of post graduate education in the state.

Seventh Five Year Plan (1985-90)

The agreed outlay for the Seventh Five Year Plan 1985-90 was Rs.1,430 Lakhs for programme under Higher Education.

Seventh Plan
Year Allocation
(Rs. Lakh)
(Rs. Lakh)
1985-86 217.44 217.44 100%
1986-87 273.10 273.10 100%
1987-88 320.13 320.13 100%
1988-89 387.00 374.30 96.71%
1989-90 386.00 383.01 99.26%
Total 1583.67 1567.98 99%
Annual Plan
1990-91 839.00 835.25 (Provisional) 99%
1991-92 633.30 1050.50 (Provisional) 99%

During the Seventh Plan period 24 colleges 9 part (Stream) Colleges were brought under deficit system of Grants-in-Aid and 678 additional posts of lecturers were created. Non-recurring building grants @ Rs.50,000 each was provided to 116 non-Govt. colleges. 25 M.Phil Scholarships, 5 under graduate Scholarships. 12 additional P.G. Scholarship were created. The benefit of U.G.C. revised scale of pay has been extended to the teachers of Universities and non-govt. Colleges with effect from 1.1.86.

Eighth Five Year Plan (1990-95)

The 8th Five Year Plan (1992-93 to 1996-97) was fixed at Rs. 12,289.54 Lakh only. The yearwise allocation and expenditure during 8th Plan period was as follows:

Eighth Plan
Year Allocation
(Rs. Lakh)
(Rs. Lakh)
1992-93 15511.00 1498.00
1993-94 1667.50 1653.55
1994-95 1771.04 1754.49
1995-96 3670.00 3607.10
1996-97 3070.00 2958.00
Total 11689.54 11471.14

The flow to T.S.P. during 8th Five year Plan was Rs.170 Lakhs against which an amount of Rs.168 lakhs was incurred during the 8th Five year plan.

The flow to S.C.C.P during 8th Five year Plan was fixed at Rs. 90 lakh against which an amount of Rs.62.12 lakh was incurred for development of Non-Govt. Colleges.

Ninth Five Year Plan (1995-2000)

The 9th Five year plan outlay was fixed at Rs.29,434 Lakh. The flow to T.S.P. and SCCP was Rs. 642 lakh and Rs.336 lakh respectively. The capital outlay was for Rs.372 lakh only. The year wise allocation and expenditure was as follows:

Year Allocation Expenditure Flow to TSP Flow to SCCP Capital
1997-98 3450.00 3316.55 80.00 80.00 42.00 - 64.00 64.00
1998-99 3899.05 3899.05 81.00 80.00 42.00 - 64.00 64.00
1999-00 3683.55 3683.55 81.00 80.00 38.00 - 64.00 64.00
2000-01 6277.00 6164.77 27.00 26.00 34.00 - 40.00 40.00
2001-02 7040.00 7040.00 30.00 30.00 47.00 - 40.00 40.00
Total 34349.60 24103.92 299.00 296.00 203.00 - 267.00 267.00

Tenth Five Year Plan (2000-2005)

The year wise allocation and expenditure for the 10th Five Year Plan period was as follows :

The Tenth Five Year Plan was fixed at Rs.30,162 Lakhs. The flow to TSP, SCCP and PWD projects were follows:

  1. TSP - 145 Lakhs
  2. SCCP - 225 Lakhs
  3. P.W.D. - 200 Lakhs

During 10th Five Year Plan period the following development works was undertaken by the Govt.:

  1. Normalisation of Plan Posts.
  2. Establishment of The K.K. Handique State Open University
  3. Introduction of 5 years L.L.B. Courses in B.R.M. Govt. Law College.
  4. Establishment of F.M. Radio Station.
  5. Introduction of Private University Bill.
  6. Sanction of Rs.10 Lakhs to each Provincialised colleges and Rs.4 Lakhs to all provincialised Sanskrit Tols under the scheme "Buniyad".
  7. Financial assistance to all affiliated Non-Govt. colleges (133 numbers) and 16 Sanskrit tols under "State Priority Schemes".

Eleventh Five Year Plan (2005-2010)

The draft XIth Five Year Plan has been proposed for Rs.34,175 lakhs. The flow to S.C.C.P proposed for XIth Five Year Plan is Rs.300 Lakhs. During the current financial year an amount of Rs.70 Lakhs has been agreed for S.C.C.P for implementation of the above mentioned schemes. For the next financial year 2008-09, an amount of Rs.1,831 Lakhs has been proposed and the flow to S.C.C.P. is proposed for Rs.100 Lakhs.