Administrative Structure and Organogram

Planning Branch

Preparation of Plan budget, Progress Report, Control of expenditure, Voluntary and Literary Organisations, Submission of Plan Proposals, University matters, Allotment of Plan fund to associated offices and other matters relating to Plan, Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP), Scheduled Caste Component Plan (SCCP) etc. For details (please click) Planning Cell of D.H.E. office

Accounts (B) Branch (ACB)

Allotment of Non-Plan fund to Govt. and Provincialised institution, Control of Non-Plan Budget, Preparation of Non-Plan Budget, issue of F.O.C. & ceiling, release of funds to Universities under Non-Plan head etc. For details (please click) AC(B) Branch of D.H.E. office

General Branch (GB)

According of approval to the appointment of Provincialised College employees, constitution of Governing Body, Pay protection, sanction of leave of Provincialised College employees etc.

Grants-in-aid Branch (G-I-A)

  • Implementation of Pension in respect of the retired / expired employees of Provincialised Colleges of Assam, i.e
    • Superannuation Pension
    • Family Pension
    • Revised Pension
    • Commutation Pension
  • Allotment of fund of arrears salary to the employees of Deficit Grants-in-Aid to Provincialised Colleges of Assam including OPTION HOLDER employees.
  • Salary of OPTION HOLDER employees under Deficit Grant-in-Aid Colleges.
  • Allotment of C.P.F., G.I.S., Leave Encashment etc. to employees of Provincialised Colleges of Assam

For details (please click) Pension Branch of D.H.E. office

Establishment and Accounts (A) Branch

Drawal of bills of officers & staff of the Directorate, Voluntary & Literary Organisations, Esstt., matters of the staff, maintenance of cash-book, etc.

Appointment Branch

Award of Scholarships, Literary Pension, Officers Esstt., Esstt. matters of Govt. Colleges, etc. For Literary Pension and Award (please click) Literary Pension and Award

Assam Sanskrit Board

Sanskrit and Pali Prakrit (Classical) Education is running in the State under the guidance of the Assam Sanskrit Board. The Board decides upon curriculum and text books for the students of Sanskrit and Pali Tols, method of examinations, publication of rare books etc. The Secretary cum Deputy Director of the Board executes, all decisions adopted by the Board including holding of Sanskrit and Pali examinations yearly in all over Assam and also Meghalaya and Manipur. For more details (please click) Dy. Director for Sanskrit Education, Assam